Home Works EYC! 4/21

Hello Family,

 The Yard Sale was very “Super” and “Intergalactic” - We raised $2065 toward Youth Trips!  Special thanks to everyone who helped! Especially, Ann Ruderman, Carol Fowels, Sidney Watt, Martha Stroup, Rodger Stroup, David Lewis, Gordon Schell, Eileen Schell, Sara Sterne, Charlie Sterne, Lockey Powers, and Jim Olsen!

 Just a Reminder of upcoming events:

4/21: We will be having a Home Works EYC - combined from 5 - 6, dinner from 6 - 6:30 pm.  We will be discussing the importance of nails.

4/26 - 4/28: I will be at Camp Gravatt for New Beginnings.  There will be no EYC, after speaking to Fr. Joseph Smith, we decided there was so much to do to be ready for Bishop Waldo’s visit to St. Christopher’s that it wouldn't be wise to have a Blitz that weekend.  We will be rescheduling the Spartanburg Home Works Blitz for another weekend.  

**A Note on New Beginnings:  If you still want to attend and you are a 6th - 8th graders, please tell me.  You will no longer be able to receive a shirt, but you should be able to attend!