What's Going on @ St. John's (Lock-In Eve Edition)

Hello friends!

It's been a while since I updated this blog. So I hope you've had a wonderful Easter, good Spring Break, and great everything else that has happened since the last update.

Friday night is our LOCK-IN!!! We'll kick things off in the Gym at 7 PM. Please eat dinner beforehand, and we'll pick up at 8 AM Saturday Morning.

Here's what you need to bring:
  • A Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • A Plain White T-Shirt (we will be using this later in the night)
  • A snack to share with everyone
  • Any Nerf Guns for "Humans Vs. Zombies"
  • A Friend
I'm really looking forward to this Lock-In. I've got a lot of fun stuff planned that I hope you'll enjoy.

Due to the Lock-In, we will not be having EYC on Sunday.

April 27th-29th is New Beginnings for Middle School students in grades 6th-8th at Camp Gravatt. The deadline to register was April 13th. HOWEVER, there might still be a few spots open. Please let me know ASAP if you would be interested in going.

On April 29th, we will be having EYC here at the St. John's where we will be taking a fun look at misguided prayer using the book "Will Jesus Buy Me A Double-Wide? (Cause There's Not Enough Room For My Plasma TV)" by Karen Zacharias. I hope you'll come, because it's going to be A: Fun and B: Intriguing.

Pretty soon, I'll begin updating this blog once a month and tell y'all what's going on. I'll still send out emails from time to time, but I would like to know what the best way y'all get your information about what's going on with EYC, whether it's via Facebook, the e-Pistle, etc. I would like to know the best way to reach everyone!

Also, around the first of May, keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement about what's going to happen this Summer!


-Clay Cutler