Jr. High New Beginnings and Stuff

Hey there Folks!

We survived a wild, crazy, and fun weekend with Junior highers at Gravatt! It was awesome! I will have pics up within the next couple of days. Make sure you ask Bellinger Boylston, Anne Marie Powell, Austin Lewis, Winston Collins, or Alex Bowers about New Beginnings. And if you will be in 6-8th grade next year...you will be there, I promise!

I have been a bit slack with updating the blog, but I'm back on the horse. So check back often, my friends.



Super Galactic Yard Sale Success!!!!

Wow. That's all I can say. There were many people walking out of our yard sale looking just like the cartoon to the left. Amazing. We sold nearly everything! His House came and picked up the left overs and there was hardly anything for them to pick up.

We netted just over $1,550! That is phenomenal. Between the Chili Cook Off and the Super Galactic Yard Sale, we raised over $2,100! That is awesome! Congrats to everyone. We have covered our overhead for our trips this summer, and we will announce soon exactly how these funds will be disbursed and utilized. Again, thanks for the support and participation of everyone involved.



30 Hour Famine & Super Galactic Yard Sale

Hey there folks!

Friday is the big day! 30 Hour Famine: we will not be eating at the lock-in, but we will be having too much fun to worry about food. We will discuss world hunger, then we will do some setting up for the garage sale, and we will have lots of fun with games (bodysnatchers, sardines, etc.) and stuff like that. We should have Guitar Hero and other fun as well. Super Galactic Yard Sale: there is a ton of stuff in the gym. Hopefully we will sell a bunch of it and raise lots of money for our youth missions.

6:30pm Friday: Welcome
8-12pm Sat: Super Galactic Yard Sale
2pm Sat: Go Home

Make sure you bring something to sleep on and flashlights!

And remember, there's no EYC on Sunday! I'll be sleeping all afternoon on Sunday.