Playing Catch-up!

Hey there folks,

Many apologies that I have fallen behind in updates on the youth blog. Our youth have been a busy bunch with some great events, including: the Sr High Ski Trip, Feast of Lights, and some really fun EYC gatherings. Below are some pictures:

Most recently, we had EYC Art Shack at St. John's. We explored what it means to be a vessel of God with clay by making our own vessels:

The Sr High Ski Trip was awesome. It was the best ski trip we have had while I have been here. We had a group of 24 go up the mountain, and we had another 19 or so from St. Michael's and St. David's join us. The weather was perfect! Really cold (highs in the teens) with powdery, fluffy snow that didn't stop falling the whole time we were there. We skied all day, and then after pizza for dinner, we went back to the slopes for night skiing. Way cool! I don't have any pictures (if you do, send them to me), but also had a group of about 27 go bowling at Parkland Plaza Sun after skiing!

The Feast of Lights was just as good as always. It is a great St. John's tradition, and this year we had some folks participate who had never been in it.

We kicked off EYC in 2010 with some good ole fashioned fun. It was great! Check out the pics: