Packing List for John's Island 7/21 - 7/28

Hello Family,

We will meet at 7:30 am on Sunday, 7/21 at St. John’s. We will attend the 7:45 am service, and be commissioned by St. John’s to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. We will leave after the 7:45 service, head over to St. Joe’s and pick up some more people acting as servants in the name of Christ, and head to John’s Island. Home Works will have lunch ready for us when we get down there. We will be taking 3 vehicles – Cliff Moore’s truck, John Boyleston’s Car, and the Youth Bus. Lockey, I will get you the address, or Cliff can chime in with the exact address.
We will be returning in time for the 10:30 am service on 7/28.

Please, bring the following:

- Positive Attitude!

- Air mattress or sleeping back (and sheets if you need them)

- Pillow

- Towels

- Toiletries

- Work shoes (must be closed toed!!)

- Appropriate Sleep attire

- Tee Shirts and shorts/pants (preferably pants) for working in

- Long sleeved shirt for yard work

- Casual clothing and shoes/flip flops for the evenings (after work)

- Flashlight

- Sunscreen

- Bug spray

- Bathing suit (We will be swimming!)

- Safety Goggles for working

- Water bottle (please label your bottle with your name in permanent marker)

- Shower shoes (recommended, as you'll be showering in a gym locker room)

- Rain jacket/poncho that can be worn at the work-site, if necessary

- Light jacket for inside (the A/C will be cranking – apparently, it’s pretty chilly!)


· You will be sleeping on a floor.

· Adults will shower in a separate shower area.

· Meals will be provided

· We’ll be wearing our Home Works t-shirts to church on Sunday, 7/28…be sure to have a clean pair of pants/shorts to wear with them!

· All members of the community are expected to be with the group at all times and cannot leave the community unless going with their teams to sites and activities.

· Cell phone use will be at a minimum. Please, respect adults – if they ask you or the group to power down cell phones, please do it.

Excited for next week!