Lock In!

Grace and Peace, my friends!

We had a Lock In this past Fri-Sat, and it was an absolute blast. We stayed up all night, played games, ate great food, had awesome fellowship, and made some really cool tshirts. We played glow in the dark strobe light dodge ball. I know, it sounds confusing, and it was...but it was fun. We also attempted to make bubble gum sculptures, but they ended up being just large blobs of chewed gum. Mmmmm, yum. We played a bunch of other games, Catch Phrase, watched a movie, played xbox, etc....

The coolest part of the evening, though, for me, was making the tshirts. We had 5 designs that were created by Catherine Collins, Taylor Jackson, Jack Moore, Katie Law, and Paula Bowers. Paula made screens from sheer material and old wooden picture frames. The designs were traced onto the screen, and then a blocking agent was painted on the screen. Finally we screen printed our own shirts by squeegying paint through the screens. They turned out incredible.

If you weren't able to come to the lockin and you want your own tshirt, come to EYC @ the Art Shack on Mar 29. We will be taking orders for purchase from the parish in the very near future. Check out the pics:


Paint Ballin'!!!

Grace and peace, my friends!

This past Sunday, St. John's EYC went to play Paint Ball. I will admit, I was a bit nervous, but everyone got along and had a great time. It did hurt/sting a little when you got shot, but it wasn't overly violent or anything. It was good clean, "hunt your neighbor down" fun! If you missed it, I do apologize, just make sure you catch it next time around. We will definitely put Paint Ball on the "To Do Again" list. Check out the pics:


Hangin' with St. Francis!

Hey there folks,

On March 1, the first Sunday during Lent, our friends from St. Francis in Chapin came to hang out with us and do church. It was really cool. The youth director at St. Francis, Allison, is a really good friend of mine. We did all sorts of stuff, got to know each others' names, played games, tore apart bananas and then put them back together...

We also closed the evening with worship. We have a little Lenten service at St. John's EYC called Fire and Ice. We combine elements from Evening Prayer in the BCP and Evening Worship in the New Zealand Prayer Book (and then add a little creativity) to create this little service. The whole premise is to recognize what Lent is all about, and then we have two hands on prayer stations to physically give up to God the things we have either sacrificed or taken on for Lent. It involves burning, big flash of fire, and washing and making clean. Then we closed the evening with songs and singing.

Check out the pics: