EYC @ the Art Shack makes masks

EYC met at the Art Shack yesterday (SUN Apr 30), and it was cool! Our very own Paula Bowers is the owner and it is the neatest place. She does art lessons, has a cafe, and sells a bunch of cool art. It is a place with really great atmosphere. Perfect for a bunch of teenagers to make a mess with plaster! We had a great time molding masks on each other. After it dried, we painted and decorated them. We will be bringing them over to the church to display this week (gotta figure out where and how to display them!). We had so much fun, that I think the Art Shack will become a regular St. John's EYC hangout...if ya'll are cool with that?!



Happening #59

Blair Campbell, Sarah Bowers, and Sarah Williams (r-l) attended Happening #59 this past weekend. They had an awesome weekend, meeting new friends and experiencing God in new ways. Make sure you they tell you how incredibly cool the weekend was.

Happening is for 10th-12th graders, and the next one will be held Dec. 5-7, 2008. It is a unique and powerful weekend where one gets to experience Jesus in Christian community in ways they may never had imagined. Put it on your calendar and let an adult advisor know if you are interested. Here are some quotes from the girls about the weekend:

"I went to Happening not really knowing what to expect, and I was doubtful and nervous. Mom told me that it was life changing and so much fun-but I really didn’t take her seriously. Happening really opened my eyes and I now see things in a whole new light. I made really awesome friends and have gained a lot of confidence. It really is awesome!!"
--Sarah Bowers

"It was a great weekend, I made a lot of new friends. It was full of surprises and was really life-changing. It made me a different person and I can't wait to go back!"
--Blair Campbell

"Happening was an amazing experience for me. I made many friends and had a great time. I now feel like I have a better relationship with God and have so much support from my fellow Happeners. I loved it!"

--Sarah Williams


Homeworks Summer Missions

We have had a great response for the summer missions, but we still have spots open for the Jr High trip and the Covington, LA trip. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in going. And remember, current 5th graders (rising 6th) are eligible to attend the Jr High trip. It looks like we may be able to accomodate friends on the Jr High and Covington, LA trip as well, so let me know if you have a friend who may be interested.

Also, those of you who have signed up so far: I still forms and deposits from many of you, so please drop by the office this week and see me to fill them out.

Thanks and blessings!



The Chili Cook Off was sick, dude!

Wow! The Chili Cook Off was a smashing success! St. John's is a very cool church, with really cool people who support the youth program! We are so blessed!

The night was an absolute blast. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and for those of you who weren't able to join us...too bad for you because you really missed out! Great food and good people coming together for fellowship and fun...this was a really awesome intergenerational event that will become a St. John's tradition.

Thanks to all who helped with preparation, set up and clean up...without you we wouldn't have pulled it off. Special thanks to Cliff Moore, Ann Ruderman, all who helped in some type of capacity, and all of our contestants.

Our Contestants were:
The Bourne's
Rick Meacham
Craig Keeney
The Campbell's
Ann Ruderman
Cliff and Jack Moore
Brock Dillard
Will Moore and Bryant Blakeslee, Jr.
Steve McMillan
Brandon Templeton
The Schell's
Adelaide Powell
The Woodrum's
Dorian Del Priore
The Bowers
(I think that's everyone. There was chili coming out of the woodwork!)

The WINNER of the 1st Annual EYC Chili Cook Off is:
Brock Dillard!
Runner-up was Rick Meacham

We had around 85-95 people who attended and we raised a total of $602 for our summer Homeworks mission trips. We have nearly covered our overhead at this point for this summer. Thanks so much for the support and involvement of everyone.