Rafting on the Nantahala

Hey there folks,

White water rafting with Rolling Thunder was awesome! We drove up Friday evening, and St. David's and St. Michael's joined us. All told, there were 40 people hanging together! We grilled up some hotdogs, ate lots of great food, and then closed the evening with prayer and worship.

We went to sleep with the humidity suffocating us, but we woke up to a slight chill to the air (I love mornings in the mountains!). After waking up with a great continental breakfast, we packed the bus and cars back up and prepared for rafting. The Rolling Thunder guides are great. They all have the Thundercat symbol on their vests, and they are totally professional. But they also like to have a great time, and they make sure your time one the river is a blast. The Nantahala is a family class river, but it is no slouch. The river has Class II and III rapids. You get tossed around abit in the midst of some great scenery. We didn't loose anyone from our boat, but we came close a couple times. I think some of the boats did loose a person or two occassionally. And, of course, you get stuck on rocks sometimes. One of the hilarious moments: two guides hopped out of their boats, raced around some rocks and trees, and then jumped back into the rafts! Awesome.

Check out the pics. The first ones are actually from the final rapid, Nantahala Falls, a class III.