24 and EYC Pumpkins

Hey there folks,

Sorry for the delay in posting, but as you may have noticed, I made an oops with the youth blog. But it is fixed and up and running again. The layout is a bit different, so I hope you enjoy it. I wanted to add a column, so that you don't have to scroll down so far to find links. Also, the FORMS are in a separate section so they are easier to find.

This past weekend was the Sr High Diocesan Retreat, also knows as 24. Bryant Blakeslee took 8 youth down to Gravatt for 24 hours for fellowship, goofiness, singing, prayer and worship. It was a bit chilly, but they had a great time. Make sure you ask one of them about their weekend (Katie Dubose, Katie Law, Alex Bowers, Sarah Bowers, Anne Williams, Jack Moore, Beaumont Smith, and Ann Marie Powell). Here are some pics:

We also had EYC on Sunday night, so it was a busy weekend! We ate some great chicken tenders and tater tots thanks to the Austin Lewis' family, and then we dove right into carving up some pumpkins. We didn't carve them in the traditional manner, though. They were already made into a simple jack-o-lantern, so 4 teams cut their pumpkins into a jack-o-lantern jigsaw puzzle of at least 10 pieces. Then the teams switched pumpkins and had to put them back together. I think two teams were completely successful, while one team used some artistic license. We end the evening with a discussion that tied Jesus' humanness with the Beatitudes. It was a great discussion and a really cool evening. Thanks to everyone coming to hang out. Here are some pics from the pumpkins:

Don't miss EYC this Sunday! We are going to a Corn Maze at the Clinton Sease Farm in Lexington. We meet at St. John's at 3pm! Bring $7 for the maze and some food money as well (we'll stop off at Wendy's or something). Hope to see you there!