Acolyte Training 9.28.13 @ 5:30 P

Hello Family,
            This is a reminder that Saturday, September 28, 2013 @ 5:30 PM, we will be gathering in St. John’s Church for Acolyte Training. 

The Corp of Acolytes is for youth in 6th through 12th grade.

This week’s Acolyte training is for those who would like a refresher on how to serve at St. John’s, or for those wishing to join St. John’s Corp of Acolytes.

When you arrive at 5:30 P, I ask that if you are an Acolyte wishing to be refreshed, or a soon-to-be Acolyte, that you gather in the choir pews near the altar (near the sanctuary).  We will begin as promptly as possible.  I will also do my best to make Acolyte Training quick and painless.

Below, I have attached a link with our Acolyte Customary.  Please, go over it before the Acolyte Training to accustom yourself to where things are in the packet.  I would recommend looking it over with your parents.  It does look overwhelming at first, but I promise that being an Acolyte, though it is a duty, can be enjoyable.  There will not be a test during the Acolyte Training, and if you forget something – we must remember to be a part of liturgy you must have a thespian’s heart.  The liturgy must continue, and God will be praised! 

When we arrive:
-          We will acquaint ourselves with the church.
-          We will then briefly go over the Acolyte Customary, and our duties.
-          We will then find out our size and try on robes and rope belts (albs & cinctures).
-          We will then act out our parts in the liturgy.

I am grateful for your ministry!