A Welcome Back Sunday Request 9.8.13

Hello Family,
Below is an email that Ashley Jaillette sent to request your service during the Welcome Back Sunday meal.  Please, please, please, consider attending and helping this program go off without a hitch.  I would remind you that we aren’t the only people being asked to serve, but that all committees and guilds that are a part of the St. John’s family are being asked to help as well.  Welcome Back Sunday begins at 10:15 am, but we ask that you arrive at 9:00 am if you are willing to help.

Thank you so much,

I know it still may seem far off but I wanted to send out an email to our youth asking for their participation in Welcome Back Sunday. St. John’s has tasked the Connections group (those in their 20-30’s) with heading up and recruiting help in all aspects to ensure a successful Welcome Back Sunday.  I will try not to beg, but I ask that you all would consider working with our Connections folks the day of the event to deliver food to our tables and make sure the event goes smoothly on that end.  For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Welcome Back Sunday, it is normally held the second Sunday in September and is the kickoff return to three services, restart of Sunday School, and Wednesday night programs for the fall.  This year, we will have a large family style breakfast and food will be walked from the kitchen to your designated tables.  We basically need “servers”.  It would be awesome if I could get at least 15 people to commit.  The labor element would be very small and you would be working alongside our connections folks.  We would ask everyone to arrive at 9am on September 8th so once the 2nd service starts report to the gym and we will assign tables and fill everyone with more specific details at that time.  The breakfast will end about 11am in time for the third service.  I hope you would consider helping us.  If you would let Chad know in the next week or so if you would be available and willing to help I will get the emails of those committed and probably group you with someone from our group.  Thanks in advance for any consideration you could give this.  We would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Ashley Jaillette