Ski Trip Information for 1/18/2013

Hello All,

Here is the information you need for this weekend's ski trip:
    We will be meeting at St. John's on Friday, January 18 at 4:30 pm.  There is some paperwork that needs to be filled out and permission slips to be signed.  Ann Ruderman will be taking her car, I will be driving the bus.  We will leave St. John's and grab a bite to eat in Columbia before hitting the road to Sugar Mountain.  We should be on the road by 5:30 pm.  It takes about 4 1/2 hours to get there and should get to the Best Western at around 10 pm.  From there we will get our room keys and pack it in for the night.  We will get up at 7 am on Saturday, January 19 and grab breakfast.  We need to be at Sugar Mountain by 8:00 am for group check in, if we're not there by 8 we will lose our place in line and have to wait for a while to check in.  Ski lessons start at 8:30 am, as does early skiing.  We will take a break for lunch, briefly, and then grab a big dinner.  We will be skiing all day, unless you get tired -- then there is a lodge or snow tubing!  The slops close at 10 pm, and we will head back to the Best Western.  We will be getting up at 7:00 am for breakfast, and will head to Boone, NC, around 8:30 am to make it to services at St. Luke's Episcopal Church by 9:00.  From there we will make the long trip home.  We will probably stop for lunch on the way home.

I just spoke on the phone with a representative from Sugar Mountain, she said it's getting colder at Sugar and should be great for skiing this weekend.  It's now cold enough that they can start making their own snow as well.

The Website for St. Luke's is:  http://www.stlukesboone.org/

Also, remember toiletries and warm clothing for three days.  I also have some ski bibs here, but I can't promise they'll fit you.  If they don't a couple pairs of "Long John's" or long underwear under thick jeans works pretty well.  Remember a heavy coat, gloves and hat!