Bishop's Visitation 2.10.13

Hello All,
  On Sunday, February 10, 2013, Bishop Waldo will be visiting St. John's.  During the 11:15 service, 7 of our youth -- Bellinger Boylston, Patrick Kneece, Thomas Law, Austin Lewis, Will Linder, Olivia Sheorn, and Bill Horst -- will be confirmed.  I hope many of you can make it to celebrate this momentous time in the Church. 
  For these 7 confirmands they are affirming the faith that their sponsors proclaimed for them at these confirmands'  baptisms.  They are renewing their baptismal promises.  During their confirmation they will make a mature commitment to Christ and receive continuing strength from the Holy Spirit throughout their lives.  

  Just as we did at their baptisms, we - the congregation - promises to do all in our power to support them in their lives through Christ.  It is also a time for the Congregation to renew their Baptismal Covenant.  Some of you may have been at these confirmands' baptisms.  Many of you were not.  Whichever is the case, I ask you now to attend the 11:15 service and support these confirmands while they make their mature commitment to Christ Jesus.  If you cannot make it, I ask that you lift them in your prayers during this time of transition in their lives.