Paintball 11/11/12

Hello All,
  For EYC this week we will be going paintballing.  The Cost is $25 per person, which includes cost of rentals and 500 paintballs.  More paintballs run by the 500 at $15.  We will meet at 1:30 at St. John's and head over to Ballbuster's paintball in West Columbia for a 2 pm appointment.  The event goes on until 6 pm, and we will then return to St. John's where you can be picked up.  Chaperones are needed.  We appreciate your ministry.  Please, dress appropriately for the weather and outdoors.  Friends are invited and encouraged to come!  Do not let the cost deter you - Scholarships are available.


The address is:
227 Super Dr.
West Columbia, SC 29172