Catchin' up on Pictures!

Hey there folks,

Yes, yes, I know...I fell behind posting pics again, but...Here they are! We've had some pretty neat events to start the year. We participated in a Convocational Outreach Event at St. Michael and all Angels' that was a blast. There were over 70 youth from 7 churches there. We sorted food for elementary school students and built birdhouses for Gravatt. We then kicked off EYC for the school year at the Close family lakehouse with a huge BBQ dinner and good fun on the lake. This past weekend we took 6 of our youth to Gravatt for the Junior High Fall Retreat. There were about 100 youth from around the Diocese, and we lead them through some way cool programs: small group trust walk and a night zip! Check out the pics:

Convocational EYC @ St. Michael's:

EYC Kick Off @ the Lake

EYC Balloon Game:

JR High Fall Retreat 2010: