Giving Tree List for EYC

There were some names left on the Giving Tree, so I pulled a few off, thinking that we, as a community, could help out some of these folks. Please email me items you would like to contribute.

Rachell T.
14 F
Size: Pants 16-18, shirt L-XL, shoe 8 1/2
Wish List: Jacket L/XL, Music CDs (rap), DVD (movies), MP3 player or iPod, Gift Cards

9 M
Size 12 clothes (boys)
Wish List: Bike, winter clothes, 2010 wrestling game for Playstation

Chris W.
16 M
Size: shirt XL, Pants 36, Shoe 10
Wish List: Playstation Portable, PJs, coat, watch, wallet, gift card

J. Kirkland (adult)
Residence: Walnut
Suggested Items: tshirts Large, Sweat suits (Zippered top) Large

15 M
Size: Pant 30, Shirt XL, Shoe 11.5
Wish List: Gift Cards

15 F
Size: Pant 7, shirt M, Dress 7, Shoes 9.5
Wish List: Bath Items, Gift Cards