Personally, I had never been in a corn maze before. It was a really cool experience. It was fun, challenging, and tiring. We had almost 30 people, so we broke into 4 groups and took off. Just when my group thought we had made it, we learned that we had to back track and still had a ways to go. If we hadn't taken that picture of the map right before we entered, we would have been in there forever! We finished in about 1-1/2 hours. The last group finished in about an hour and 45 minutes. There were also some other mazes and neat stuff. Some of us ran through a corn tunnel, and Brynn, Mary Stephens, and Caroline loved the tunnel (see the video below)! Check out the pics above.

I'll have up some older pics that I never had a chance to post on the blog pretty soon. In case you didn't know, if you click on the slideshow, it will take you to the web albums. You can download pics, make comments on them, and other stuff. Enjoy!


Sorry, folks, I didn't realize something was wrong with the video. I will have it posted again very soon.