EYC: ReCreation 10-5

Hey there folks,

EYC was great fun. Thanks to the Sparks family for some great hot dogs (they were incredibly good!), and thanks to everyone for coming to hang out. ReCreation is a play on words, if you didn't notice (recreation --> re-creation). It is a time of play, hang out with friends, and just have a great, goofy time. It is also time for us to let our guard down and be rejuvenated by our community.

We played a bunch of silly games with balloons, plungers, golf balls, t-shirts and canned alphabet pasta. I think the alphabet pasta was tops. We got points for spelling out words, and bonus points for length and Biblical words. Alex Bowers ate a bunch of the meatballs, and he didn't look so well (yuck! cold, canned meatballs...can I say yuck again?!?). Check out the pictures: