JR High Fall Retreat @ Gravatt

Hey there folks,

This past weekend (Sept 26-28), I took 10 of our Jr. High youth from St. John's to the Diocesan Jr High Fall Retreat at Camp Gravatt. There were nearly 150 Jr High youth with youth leaders and adult volunteers hanging out at good ole rustic Gravatt. It was insanely fun!

The theme for the weekend was: "God is at work in you," and it was based on this past Sunday's lectionary reading from Philippians 2:1-13. The DYLC design team performed skits that spoofed popular reality tv shows, and the small group discussions progressed through the Philippians passage (joy being made complete in your heart, working out God's kingdom on earth, living Christ-like, and then recognizing how God is at work in you). As part of our activities, we practiced working out God's kingdom in the world by giving back to Gravatt. We built decorative wooden bins to hold the trash cans for recycling. The will be placed all over Gravatt. We also played games, hung out, acted crazy, had a dance, prayed, sang, and worshiped...wow!

Check out these pics (there's about 200 or so):


ps...Gordon added some photos to the EYC kickoff slideshow, so go check those out.