Home Works October '07 Columbia Blitz

The following volunteers are ready to go on the October 27, 2007 Home Works Blitz in Columbia. Join them by:

1. Completing the St John's Youth Event Permission/Release Form (See "Important Stuff" at the top of this Blog for form)

2. Complete Home Works Registration forms. (www.homeworksofamerica.org)

3. Send $15.00 fee (payable to Home Works), the Home Works forms and the St. John's form to Cliff Moore, 3646 Tomaka Road, Columbia, SC 29205 or drop the fee and forms by the Church Office in an envelope with Cliff's name on it.



Brandon Templeton
Bryant Blakeslee
Travis Faulds
Emily Boatwright
Alan Boatwright
Rob Bowers
Paula Bowers
Cliff Moore